Thing #4 Part I Exploratory Reading

Reading 1  Spies Like Us  P0sted Vickie A. Davis

I really found this blog,  very interesting because Vickie Davis discussed how cell phones have served and are serving as spies.  I have witnessed students pulling out cell phones to capture fights, teacher reactions, bus drivers’ frustration, administrators attempts to stop fights, and so many other events on a given school day.  These events are shared on the internet and/or emailed to other cellphones.  Near the end of the day, someone had published the entire event on the network for others to view and comment.

Yes in the cell phone, instant messaging, video taking world we live in your privacy is totally not respected.  It appears that are students have not been taught “acceptable use policies and procedures of technology”.  I agree that this should be taught as a required course in middle schools and updated in high schools.  You really need to read Spies Like Us.

Do We Really Want A Lifeline of Our Time was a very interesting article.  The author wanted to know if we would like to post things in the web like pictures and/or personal events of our life.  What happens years down the line?  These pictures can pop up and cause you total embarrassment.  So, the warning is still out be careful what you place on the web.

She also wrote another article entitled twelve Reasons to Blog With Your Students.  Well,I think this is something our teacher would like us to read. It will make us bolder in our approach to our students.

Vickie’s writing included more articles in the following areas:   inspiration, eBooks, education, and teaching

Reading 2  An Open Letter About Cyber Bullying (Andy Carvin)

Excellent open letter on Cyber Bullying.  It was interesting to see how the use an term could insult people and cause someone to act through the website.  Andy did not mean to be insulting in his journal but people who read it felt it was insulting.  This is showing me that what you put out can be interpreted differently by various readers.  So, I must be careful what I say and be sure not to use terms and/or words that may prove insulting.  This is a quote from his article:

I was pretty convinced I was being subjected to an organized letter-writing campaign, because I would get these emails from Turkey in which people would politely thank me for visiting their country and documenting my trip, but then ask me to remove all references to the word Kurdistan because there is no political entity in Turkey called Kurdistan.

This article caused a great reaction.  It caused people to rally and organize and anti bullying day.  This would bring an awareness and a need for changes to be made.  Our security online must be protected.  So, Andy brought his frustration and anger to the people.

This Friday – March 30th, 2007 – has been declared Stop Cyberbullying Day – by me. I’m hoping to get as many people, bloggers and nonbloggers alike, talking about cyberbullying, because it’s spinning out of control.

The Troup County School Board has recently decided to address this very same issue of Cyberbulling.  So, this article was something that has now been applied to our present needs.

Reading 3 Why I Don’t Assign Homework (Dan Meyer)

This article, Why I Don’t Assign Homework,  seem to vent about the giving of homework.  Meyer indicated that if the homework was given for extra credit many who needed the credit did not do it.  I know homework is given to reinforce and/or practice skills that have been taught in the classroom.  So, I read it because I could not believe that a serious minded educator would write an article like this criticizing the giving of homework.

Reading 4  Is This  SSR 2.0

Mark’s Edtech blog tended to encourage participants and/or readers to use blogs in the classroom as a tool to promote reading.  Many of the comments indicated that the purpose of SSR was to encourage or promote reading reading and if the blog provided the incentive, than use it.  It also appeared that many of the readers to this blog was willing to try it and.r have already found it useful.

In a November, 2007 Mark continued to encourage SSR using blogs.  Most of his writings tended to deal with technology that he uses in his 3rd grade class.

Reading 5 Webblogg-ed (Will Richardson) Why Can’t We Do This

Very interesting thought.  Richardson is helping us to realize that using plastic bags use should decrease.  Sometimes, we fail to think of what problems we are causing to our environment.  He made us think about the oil that is being used.  Our environment is in trouble.  Our resources are decreasing and our liter is increasing.

Answers To Questions:

1.  Blogg writing is an opportunity to express your ideas and /or feelings about a subject.  It can cause you to do research to validate your opinion or you throw it out there and allow others to respond.

2.  Blog reading is easy because you have the opportunity to read items that interest you.  If you don’t like the blog, you just move to another sight and start reading.  It is also fun because you see how others may feel about the things you write.

3.  The similiar fact about blogs are that you have a subject and you tend to develop it.  The difference in writing blogs is that you do not have to be an expert.  You can be just an ordinary person willing to share your thoughts and opinions.

4.  The commenting will lead to further discussion and/or corrections.  This will help to see if others share the same ideas and/or opinions.  Sometimes, the comments may serve as corrections and may change your view.

5.  I don’t believe that their is a special literacy for bloggers.  I always think about the  on the text messages on cell phone and the unique language that has developed.  Thank God, blogging is not like text messages because I really have not learned the language.

6.  Blogging can open your mind to new things that someone may have tried and or experienced.  One of the articles encouraged me to use blogs for reading.  My goal is to get students to read and if this will help, why not try it.  I also noticed that blogs can lead to action like in the case of the cyberbullying.

Finally, I read some points as to what got people to blog.  Very good reasons were mentioned and I want to share some:

I got into blogging by reading other peoples blogs. It is a way to help myself and do something I love to do. I post once a week or every day depending on my mood.

I got into blogging to encourage me to write more — and it has.  I’ve found a renewed energy to work on my novel in addition to constantly blogging.

The same reason as someone else has posted, I read a lot of other people’s blogs.

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  1. The need for students to read more can’t be overrated. The blogging seems to be a current outlet that allows this to occur along with writing. This can really assist teachers and parents in these areas.

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